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Eternity Recruiting LtdEternity Recruiting LtdEternity Recruiting Ltd

Complimentary Consultation for Agency Advancement

Business Offerings & Advantages for Agencies

We offer temporary recruitment agencies a business proposal crafted to optimize their business potential through a collaborative partnership that extends beyond mere payroll services. Customized contracts, adaptable payment terms, and jointly branded marketing initiatives exemplify how Eternity Recruiting Ltd collaborates with agency clients, aiming to reduce operational costs, improve cash flow, and foster contractor loyalty.

Upon appointment, Eternity Recruiting Ltd takes on all responsibilities for the outsourced payroll process, allowing agency resources to concentrate solely on their core business functions. Assured compliance credentials, reduced administrative burdens, and dedicated account management collectively work to streamline agency processes and responsibilities without compromising professional performance.

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    Advertising and Sales Backing

    Agencies under our representation have the opportunity to utilize a diverse array of tailored marketing initiatives. These initiatives aim to enhance the relationship, streamline the onboarding process, and reinforce contractor retention. Our comprehensive sales and marketing support package encompasses co-branded email campaigns, printed materials, presentations, and promotional merchandise, all crafted to optimize the commercial advantages of our partnership.
    This aspect of our business offering to agencies sets us apart within the umbrella payroll industry, and it has already proven instrumental in assisting many of our clients in increasing their contractor numbers and overall payroll performance.