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Career Assistance for Contractors

By enrolling with Eternity Recruiting Ltd, contractors become part of an authentic community of like-minded professionals, supported by a payroll company specifically designed to align with their professional interests. The guiding principle of “Valuing Contractors” permeates every aspect of our company, serving as a constant reminder of our core purpose and responsibilities.

Recognizing the less-than-favorable reputation of the payroll industry in certain circles, we have deliberately placed the well-being of contractors at the forefront of the Eternity Recruiting Ltd brand. When contractors choose Eternity Recruiting Ltd to handle their earnings, they can trust that they will be paid accurately and punctually, without fail. In contrast to the broader industry, our Contractor Support Team is consistently available to ensure an unwaveringly positive customer experience.

Optimized Net Income

Comprehensive gross-to-net payroll calculations, in strict compliance, guarantee that contractors' take-home pay is optimized in accordance with their professional status and entitlements. All taxes, National Insurance contributions, and statutory deductions are processed at the source, providing contractors with protection against potential future liabilities or scrutiny from HMRC.

Assured Weekly or Daily Remittance Dates

In contrast to numerous competitors, Eternity Recruiting Ltd conducts both weekly and daily payroll processes, ensuring prompt payment for contractors, even in cases of intermittent work. Contractors also receive advance notifications of their gross-to-net earnings via text messages, affording them the opportunity to verify calculations or address any concerns.

Top-notch Contractor Assistance Team

Upon registration with Eternity Recruiting Ltd and the delegation of your earnings management, you are promptly introduced to our dedicated Contractor Support Team. Committed to ensuring your utmost satisfaction in our partnership, this team is both personable and knowledgeable, always ready to address pay inquiries, provide updates on relevant legislation, and ensure you maximize the benefits.