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Contractors affiliated with Eternity Recruiting Ltd receive free access to a variety of products and services through our network of endorsed and like-minded business partners. These partners have been selected based on their shared dedication to the professional welfare of the contracting community, aligning their services accordingly.

For inquiries about the services listed below, please reach out to each respective provider individually, indicating that you are a contractor registered with Avail Staffing Ltd.

Recognizing the less-than-favorable reputation of the payroll industry in certain circles, we have deliberately placed the well-being of contractors at the forefront of the Avail Staffing Ltd Staffing Ltd brand. When contractors choose Avail Staffing Ltd to handle their earnings, they can trust that they will be paid accurately and punctually, without fail. In contrast to the broader industry, our Contractor Support Team is consistently available to ensure an unwaveringly positive customer experience.

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    Enlist with Avail Staffing Ltd today, and as a token of our appreciation, you'll receive a complimentary contractor Welcome Pack delivered right to your doorstep. This exclusive pack boasts a sophisticated, embossed hardback A5 notebook, a sleek ballpoint pen, a convenient 8GB USB stick, a stylish coaster, and a practical trolley token keyring. It's our way of welcoming you into the Edward Thomas community with useful tools and a touch of elegance. Register now to not only access top-notch contractor services but also to enjoy these premium, personalized essentials that make your contracting journey even more rewarding.